Raphael Grotthuss

Struktur 0609 - 2020, gesprühte Flachsfasern, Pigment, 120 x 130 cm
Struktur 0409 - 2019, Flachs, Pigment auf 2-seitig entspiegeltem Glas, 70 x 85,6 cm
Ausstellungsansicht "Papierwelten 3.0", Galerie Renate Bender 2019
Raphael Grotthuss im Atelier
Raphael Grotthuss in der Papierwerkstatt Glockenbach
Struktur 0609 - 2020, sprayed flax fibers, pigments, 120 x 130 cm
Struktur 0409 - 2019, flax, pigments on double-sided anti-reflective glass, 70 x 85,6 cm
Exhibition view "World of Paper 3.0", Galerie Renate Bender 2019
Raphael Grotthuss in his studio
Raphael Grotthuss in his paper studio Glockenbach
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Raphael Grotthuss was born in 1983 in Starnberg, Germany. He lives and works in Munich, Germany.

Spraying, pouring, scooping – these three basic techniques of working with fiber are used by Raphael Grotthuss to subdue the strength and resistance of the material and to create free pictorial surfaces that are no longer confined by frames. Flax fiber, which is tear-resistant and non-elastic, is his material of choice. But chance also plays a role: when, for example, the artist gives up control of the fiber mass by using a spraying pistol to apply the fiber and pigment to a glass plate. Or during the drying process in the screen, when the artist distributes and arranges the materials in a more or less unrestrained manner.

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