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Papierwelten 4.0 – aus und auf PapierThe World of Paper 4.0 – Made from and on paperAusstellungsansicht Jus Juchtmans – Lars Strandh Two European Positions in Minimalist PaintingAusstellungsansicht Schwere Jungs - Sculptures and Wall ObjectsColor Constructs. Harald Pompl - Robert SagermanAusstellungsansicht Black is BeautifulCurated by... Heiner ThielMaterial and StructureINGE DICK. A Life for the LightCurated by... Erhard WitzelThe Responsive Eye‘s First and Second GenerationDots and Line to SurfaceFluoridescentWorld of Paper 3.0Earth, Stone, PigmentLife is beautiful. Bim Koehler on his 70th birthdayOscillation in Color and Soundhow white is only the wise knowPeter Weber. Structure and FoldingAM ANFANG WAR DAS WORT AM. - IN THE BEGINNING WAS THE WORD IN.*Between Dark and LightGoing through FireHigh FrequenciesEcken und Kanten - Edges and RidgesThe Phenomenon of PerceptionColor Light – Light Color. On the Track of LightAfter Image. Maria Lalić - Bill ThompsonsensualminimalphysicalHellmut Bruch. Artistic Encounters on his 80th BirthdayGanzheit als Prinzip. Peter Weber - Martin WillingHow times flies!Fifty Shades of RedIKARUS - THE SECOND ATTEMPTAusstellungsansicht Inge Dick - a year's light whiteFundamental PaintingWorks on & with PaperBlack & White IIKUNSTSTOFF - PLASTICMostly MonochromeHeavy Metal?Fascination COLORlook into it. Regine SchumannHighly Sensuoussummer light whiteObject Painting - Painting ObjectColour: Move!Ausstellungsansicht CUTS. Sculptures and Wall ObjectsAusstellungsansicht Lapislazuli & PurpurTransparency of ColorBlack and WhiteHow do I see the light?"Vis-à-vis"Landscape Paintings. Maria LalićInge Dick. Light Times – Vermillion