Ewerdt Hilgemann

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Ewerdt Hilgemann was born 1938 in Witten. He lives and works in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

The German-Dutch artist is well-known primarily for his so-called “implosions” in the Constructivist and Concrete Art world. The air is removed from steel cubes of varying sizes, and the ensuing vacuum causes the objects “to collapse” or “to fold up”.

“Art must have an irrational quality, no matter how rational the methods used to create it.” Ewerdt Hilgemann

pdf Biografie als Druckversion (54,83 KB)

pdf exhibition brochure "Heavy Metal" - 2014 (1.905,98 KB)

pdf catalog "Faltwelten. It's all in the fold", Galerie Renate Bender 2012 (1.550,31 KB)