Angelika Huber

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Angelika Huber was born in 1977 in Linz, Upper Austria. She lives and works in Nuremberg, Germany.

The analogue split-flap displays that Angelika Huber uses in this work are disappearing from public space. Nevertheless, we are flooded every day with news and information. Is it important to be able to read and understand the words? What if the information is incomprehensible?

The artist has arranged the displays, which were scrapped by the Frankfurt Airport, into a wall installation. The flaps move so quickly, however, that it is a challenge to recognize the letters. A quick eye is required to understand the words immediately or to capture the effects when alienated with mirrors.

pdf biography print version (795,50 KB)

pdf exhibition brochure "The Responsive Eye's First and Second Generation" - 2020 (546,33 KB)

pdf exhibition catalog "Bender Schwinn Projekt Zwei" - 2017 (1.642,41 KB)