Edda Jachens

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Edda Jachens was born in 1960 in Bremen, Germany. She lives and works in Stuttgart, Germany

Edda Jachens, whose concrete language of form has developed over time has predominantly used the transparent-milky appearance of paraffin to hide, as if behind a veil, her painting from the viewer. In her most recent works on paper an unusual freedom arises where the heavy hand-made paper, paint and paraffine melt together on one level. The delicate ornaments, generally executed with graphite and colored pencils, lend these works an extraordinary fragility.

“Edda Jachens’ most recent work is a series of watercolors. Beginning with delicate paper, she applies four transparent layers next to and over one another. In her pursuit of a maximum reduction in form and color, she achieves a lucent, almost white coloring that is barely visible. In her recent works, in contrast, she applies around 200 extremely thin layers to create dark, almost black watercolors of intense coloring and with a strong physical presence.”

Dr. Bettina Zeman

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pdf exhibition brochure "Papierwelten 3.0" - 2019 (636,31 KB)

pdf exhibition brochure "IKARUS – DER ZWEITE VERSUCH" - 2016 (388,87 KB)

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