Siegfried Kreitner

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Siegfried Kreitner was born in 1967 in Simbach am Inn, Germany. He lives and works in Munich.

Movement and light are the defining elements in Kreitner’s sculptures, which are made primarily of aluminum. “Minimal kinetics”, a term the artist himself uses, references the minimal speed of the electricallypowered movable parts as well as the largely unadorned design of his works. In his recent groups of sculptures Kreitner has included more and more colored elements.

“Using precisely controlled procedures color is realized as energy made visible. Light distilled into color pulsates and appears to be on the verge of virtually undoing the material shell of the object.”
Prof. Klaus Honnef , Bonn

pdf biography print version (32,52 KB)

pdf exhibition brochure „The Responsive Eye’s First and Second Generation“ - 2020 (546,33 KB)

pdf exhibition catalog "FarbeLicht - LichtFarbe" - 2017 (1.236,77 KB)

pdf exhibition brochure "Heavy Metal" - 2014 (1.905,98 KB)